A group of seniors who have been engaged in handicrafts in the Reference Department of Šiauliai City Municipality Public Library since 2012, has grown into a club and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In order to commemorate the anniversary of seniors creative activity and exhibit their creation, the Library has prepared and published a calendar „The Creative Works of Library Seniors Crafts Club 2022“.

Each month of the calendar year is decorated with picturesque photographs of women’s creative works, civic and kindness campaigns. The thoughts and statements of seniors about communion and experience in club activities published here are especially interesting, sincere and thought-provoking.

Speaking about the Seniors Crafts Club and presenting visual material during the library event R. Giržadienė, Head of the Reference Department, stopped at only a few of the many photographs in the archive, illustrating the full range of club activities, emphasizing women’s initiative and goodwill – their creative ideas and works create beauty not only in the library but also outside. Irena Žilinskienė, the director of Šiauliai City Municipality Public Library who took part in the presentation of the calendar was pleased with the comfortable space created in the library for the employment of elderly people and the meaningful activities taking place in it. This long-standing creative community of seniors in the library and the presentation of a publication reflecting their activities is another clear example of how libraries have evolved from book lending and public reading institutions to no less important spaces for nice communication, lifelong learning, self-expression and creative discoveries.

The activities of the Seniors Crafts Club of the Library include: handicrafts, creative work, educations, book discussions, therapy sessions, meetings with interesting people, participation in civic and kindness campaigns, exhibitions, lectures, excursions, communication with a cup of tea.

The club is open to all library visitors who are interested in this activity. It is attended by women of various professions and hobbies, but they are united by enthusiasm, the desire to enrich themselves every free minute. Every year, the members of the club contribute to the commemoration of the Šiauliai City Festival or other occasions with their creative works. Last year, the trees growing in the yard of the Library were decorated with multi-storey houses of multi-colored knit and lace, which were merged into one “Šiauliai city street”, and the church of the southern district was placed among them!