Iñaki Suso,  from   Viana Public Library “Francisco Navarro Villoslada”  (Spain) has sent us some pictures they’ve made about the latest activity he’s developed in cooperation with one of his Sisters,  Public Library in Aleksandrow  (Poland).

Let him explain this activity with his own words:

“It is pleasure for Justyna and me to report about the exhibitions that public libraries from Aleksandrow (Poland) and Viana (Spain) are taking place. Children from Viana (between 7 and 11 years) have made drawings about their favourite books, and the pictures are being exposed in Aleksandrow. Meanwhile, drawings done by Polish children about their favourite books are on display in Viana. We think that the drawings also serve to suggest new and different books for children.

The exhibitions are open throughout the month of April and the first half of May.”

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