Last 9th May  NAPLE Annual Assembly was celebrated at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. In order to identify trends and challenges and also to keep updated on what’s going on in Public Libraries around Europe, the participants in the meeting are asked to give a presentation about their own countries. This is a fine resource to get useful information about how public libraries are managed in the different countries, also to see the global figures concerning number of libraries, users they serve, etc.

Supporting Innovation was mentioned by some countries like Flanders and Estonia as a current line of work.

Advocacy for Public Libraries is also a strong trend for countries like Greece, Latvia and Slovenia.

Developing a National strategy for public libraries is important: Spain presented their recently approved strategy and Sweden and Portugal are currently working on their own strategies.

Finland and Estonia will have a new Library Act for 2017.

These are only a few examples of what you was presented, but there’s a lot more: surveys of library use, plans for reinventing the local library or for helping refugees…

You’ll find the full presentations and useful documents at this page og  the NAPLE web.