Vega-La Camocha Municipal Library  has sent us an interesting activity they want to share:

“The activity has been designed in cooperation with the Secondary School Jacinto Benavente and is part of a wider project called Entrebiblios (Among Books). It serves as a complement that will enrich the formal education of the children. The initiative comes from Yago Aguirre, teacher of physical education and tutor of a class. He contacts the public library for help in the creation of a game that’d stimulate his pupils with the study of the Roman Empire.

From the library, they see in this an opportunity for start working with the strategies of gamification that have been applied in libraries for some time. This is not a gamification project in the wider sense of the concept, that’d require a much more complex design, but a pilot built around the power of games for encouraging learning.

“Gamification as a discipline makes us think of a strategy for motivating the people in certain actions and behaviours related to the goals of the library and always from consciousness of the of the power of the games”.

Gamification as a strategy in Spanish public libraries. Posted in Bibliotecas By Ana Ordás. 14 June, 2016 

Do you want to play this game at your library?  These are the instructions:

Meet the Romans. The game

una de romanos

Learning technology has recently experienced a new wave called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mostly in US and UK.  As Alf Inge Wang explains in his paper The Wear Out Effect of a Game-based Student, “the teachers’ laptops connected to a video projector, access to wireless network and the students smartphones, tablets or laptops can be utilized to enhance the interaction between the teacher and students, as well as boost the students motivation, engagement and learning”.

The tool chosen by the library for designing this experience is Kahoot! It’s a free game-based learning platform. It allows you to include quizzes, discussions and surveys about a topic using a web browser. The tool is easy to use, and you can add image and video. You can project the game designed and attendants can join in trough their own devices.

You can learn more about Kahoot! here: