Public Libraries are always very creative when designing activities for their users. The European Public Libraries that are members of this program are serving communities that are mostly confined at their houses. The librarians themselves must work from home, trying to keep serving their communities and creativity begins to appear in the form of new services and activities.

Vega La Camocha Public Library has designed a very good activity for its users to keep contact with the library. Its thought for users of all ages and very easy to adapt to every context: a literary gymkhana for individuals or groups through social media. You can see the detailed explanation of the activity in this document:

Gymkhana Library@Home. pdf

We have published similar activities from this library in the past, designed using gamification strategies, like this Reading Challenge about Harry Potter or this game about the Romans.

If you have also developed a new activity or a service for these “times of coronavirus” and you want to share it so others can adapt and replicate it, send us a text and a picture to