St. John’s Day is celebrated all across Lithuania every June 24. This holiday is also called Rasos Feast or Midsummer Night since it is the shortest night of the year in Lithuania. St. John’s day traditions, rites, songs are associated with human happiness, health, success, herbal magic.

Cultural Center Panevėžys Community Palace invited Panevėžys companies, institutions, artists, city communities, organizations, and all citizens to commemorate the Midsummer (St. John‘s Day) celebration. The Cultural center asked participants to create magical carpets of flowers in the Culture and Recreation Park.

Participants created carpets that would symbolize the sun, the eternal circle of the year, the solstice.

 The community of Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė Public Library also contributed to this beautiful initiative, which created a colorful carpet of flowers called “Melody, which I was looking for in the wind “.

On June 23, the employees of Elena Mezginaitė Public Library gathered in the park. The library artist Asta Radvenskienė created a sketch of a magical carpet of flowers, and library staff brought various plants: flower blossoms, leaves, herbs.

 The twisting, weaving, prickling, and other work took even several hours, but the result exceeded expectations. The created carpet of flowers was magical – the colors, shapes, and textures invited us to look and rejoice.

In the evening, during the Midsummer (St. John’s Day) festival, everyone who created the flower carpets was awarded thanks for their work and creative decoration of the environment.

Participants and guests of the festival were able to admire the carpets for two days.

Text by Anžela Vasiliauskienė