The public libraries garantee the universal access to information and culture. For doing so, they must take into account the diversity, work closely with the different collectives that conform the social fabric and therefore the community.

The program “Let me tell you” was born with the idea to include the non users of the libraries to put a face to them, give them form and provide them with an access to inofrmation and culture tailored to their needs. It has won the accesit of the “Library and Social Commitment” award, a prestigious countrywide award.

On the other hand, they also wanted to put in motion a program of cultural volunteering around Reading, to share the word, the experiences and emotions with different collectives.

The real value of this project are the alliances. Husca Public Libraries have made alliances with the social inclusion entities but also is an agent at a Municipal level in an ambitious plan of inclusion in the city. They are part of the Culture and Education Commission.

Let me tell you is a program for Reading Promotion with the participation of volunteers from the Municipal Public Libraries Network of Huesca. It’s designed for the  people with disabilities, old age, hospitalized people and other collectives with reduced capacities for an autonomous reading.

It also seeks to promote the participation of these collectives in the activities of the libraries and promote the cultural volunteerism.

It takes the form of one hour talks. It can be held at the nearest library or in the premises of the organisation that requests the talk. They’ll be conducted by a volunteer from the Public Libraries Network of Huesca. The schedule is to be decided amongst the organisation and the library. The Public Libraries will provide for the expertise in the selection of materials adapted to the needs of the specific collective.

The three stakeholders (libraries, volunteers and institutions or organisations) sign an agreement where there are established the minimum terms to respect and garantee. It has to be with number of attendants, spaces, training and evaluation.