United Nations have established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs are the areas the UN has spotted as key for fighting poverty, inequalities and climate change and is part of their agenda for 2030.

IFLA is convinced that access to information and knowledge is key in order to help tackling these problems and achieve these goals. To demonstrate it, they need the evidence demonstrating libraries’ contribution to the UN SDGs and impact in the communities they serve. The tool they’re using for it is the IFLA Library Map of the World. This map has a section called SDG stories to collect SDG stories from libraries and countries across the world.

Many libraries have existing programmes or activities that relate to the UN SDGs, and the Sister Libraries have certainly something to say to this respect. So we encourage you to send your stories to the IFLA so they can add your activity to the map. This will help you gain visibility in the library field, what can lead to opportunities for cooperation and funding.

For further information you can contact them at librarymap@ifla.org  or kristine.paberza@ifla.org.

For further information visit: https://librarymap.ifla.org/sdg-stories-about