This month twenty museum and library professionals from Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Malta and the Netherlands met up at the Reinwardt Academy. This happened in light of the Erasmus+ project HE.CO, aimed at the economic valorization of cultural heritage in small local communities. Plunge public library, which is based in cultural heritage building,  participates in this Project as a partner from Lithuania.

The Erasmus+ project “Heritage valorization of small local communities”(HE.CO) was set up by cultural heritage professionals from Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Malta and the Netherlands to learn from each other’s best practices about how to responsibly exploit local cultural heritage sites. The project touches these subjects: heritage and public space, adult education, cultural entrepreneurship, and valorization and ethics.

Through the exchange of good practices and study visits in each of the countries involved, the HE.CO project will address the following main aspects for the development of new models and shared tools:

1. to develop an aggregated vision of cultural services for the creation of systems;

2. encourage the participation of civil society in asset management and to define together what forms can be put in place to ensure continued commitment;

3. lay the foundations for the participation of private entrepreneurs in the promotion of heritage;

4. improve the communication of heritage (web, social, traditional).

Plungė Public Library is very happy to participate in the He.Co project, it does provide, so far, the opportunity to raise the confidence in participating in Erasmus+ KA2 as it is the first time partnership in this programme for the organization. Increasing knowledge of the Erasmus+ KA2 programme and developing the International Cultural Heritage network for library, as well as, provide the opportunity to promote activities of library. Also, learning to appreciate diffrent cultures and raissing awareness of how to protect cultural heritage. Getting to know the other similar (in Cultural and Heritage field ) abround organization‘s activities, sturctures and their daily challlenges, have been a huge bonus for the library.