Every year in february Public library of Panevezys municipality together with Škofja Loka city  Ivan Tavčar library, celebrates national holidays together by exchanging exhibitions about their countries.

Slovenians sent art exhibition of an artist Martin Eniko which was called “Old Slovenian crafts”. Artworks were made using technique of pointillism – from dot to dot. Drawings are interesting and worthy of attention. In the exhibition you can find all kinds of different tools which were used in the past in household and agriculture works. And the most interesting part is  –  many of them are similar to those that were used in the past in Lithuania. Drawn artworks perfectly match with Lithuanian artists pottery exhibition which was on display in the library at the same time. The latter exhibition is interesting because it is sounding pottery – music instruments made from clay.

At the moment art exhibition “Lithuania to World. Pictures of regional park of Krekenava. Pictures of Isa valley. ”  which was made by artist Algimantas Lūža is on display in the name of Ivan Tavčar library in Slovenia, Škofja Loka city. Mountainous Slovenia is different than Lithuania which landscape is mainly flatlands. In the pictures – Lithuanian rivers, in the fog sunken valleys and forests.

We offer to learn more about famous objects of Panevėžys district in our library web – page : http://www.panrbiblioteka.lt/interaktyvi-kelione/