In May each year, the European Institutions celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the European Union. Entertaining, informative activities are organised throughout Europe and beyond. It´s the Europe Day.

The event marks the anniversary of the day in 1950 when Robert Schuman, one of the founders of the EU, made his ‘Schuman Declaration’, outlining a vision to unite separate European states into a single community. The European Steel and Coal Community created after Schuman’s speech eventually grew into today’s European Union. The original six members (France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) now number 28.

Building tours, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, tastings, activities for all ages: take your pick of the 139 activities planned to mark the anniversary of the European Union!

There are many activities taking place in several locations on the same day. You can see them here:

Libraries takes part in the Europe Day event making several activities.

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