Sister libraries Tavernes Municipal Library (Spain) and Kuusamo City Library (Finland) have sent us some information on their recent activities.

First of all, they have got acquainted with each other’s literature. For instance, Ritva Niemeläinen from Kuusamo City Library made a presentation of Spanish author Ruiz Zafón’s books in the local newspaper Koillissanomat. Kuusamo City Library has also sent materials to their sister libraries. Kuusamo other sister libraries  apart from Tavernes in Spain, are Krapina Public Library (Croatia) and Valença Municipal Library (Portugal). Ritva has also sent schoolchildren’s work for the libraries to have an exhibition.

Carmen Vidal, from Tavernes Municipal Library, tells us that they exchanged information and resources about books and preferences from their readers. They have also incorporated readings recommended by their sister library and Finnish authors have been promoted among their readers. They are already organinsing an activity with schoolchildren’s work that Ritva has sent. And they are also collecting their schoolchildren’s work about life in Tavernes to send to Finland.

We will have more information soon!!