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Activities from Sisters Kuusamo Library (Finland) & Tavernes Library (Spain), 2nd part

Just a few days ago we posted the new activities from NAPLE Sister Libraries NAPLE sisters Kuusamo City Library  (Finland)  and Tavernes Municipal Library (Spain) that we had received from Finland on the exhibition of school work from Tavernes children in Kuusamo. Today we have… Seguir leyendo →

Activities from Sisters Kuusamo Library (Finland) & Tavernes Library (Spain)

We have received some news about the activities of NAPLE sisters Kuusamo City Library  (Finland)  and Tavernes Municipal Library (Spain). Ritva Niemeläinen, from Kuusamo, tells us: In Kuusamo have had exhibitions of the works of the schoolchildren of Tavernes. The exhibition was in the… Seguir leyendo →

Activities from Sisters Kuusamo (Finland) & Tavernes (Spain)

Sister libraries Tavernes Municipal Library (Spain) and Kuusamo City Library (Finland) have sent us some information on their recent activities. First of all, they have got acquainted with each other’s literature. For instance, Ritva Niemeläinen from Kuusamo City Library made a presentation of Spanish author… Seguir leyendo →

21st sistership!

We have good news this week. Kuusamo City Library (Finland) and Tavernes Municipal Library (Spain) have established our 21st sistership and they have signed a cooperation agreement. This is the third sistership for Kuusamo and the first one for Tavernes…. Seguir leyendo →

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