Old and young ones are staying home. We stay at home to protect our loved ones. We stay at home hoping all this will soon be over. Our motto is for all of us to become better people. That’s why we grab a paper, paint and pencils and we create a story. The Katerini Public Library calls all children and parents to create a story. The adults are to help the younger ones and the younger ones can continue the story. Our story begins as follows:

“One day I dreamt of becoming a doctor. I think I’ve always wanted to become a doctor. Then, I thought I was too young to make such an important decision. I picked up my toys, placed them in the magic chest and off I went…”.

Continue the story and send it to dlibrarykaterini@hotmail.com or to https://www.facebook.com/Katerini.Public.Library/.

The children’s stories will be posted on our Facebook page and they are also encouraged to send us a painting they made.