Panevėžys City Elena Mezginaitė Public Library, waiting for Christmas, offered its visitors various events, educations and competitions. We would like to share some more interesting activities.

One of the library branch –  Smėlynė Library announced the competition  „Christmas sounds” and invited kids to make bells from secondary raw materials. The children of the city were very active and produced more than 300 bells, which now adorn the library spaces.

The other branch – Šiaurinė Library introduced new books outdoors and served hot tea to the children.

Panevėžys City Municipality decided to greet the citizens virtually with the city’s cultural institutions this year and created a website , where they placed greetings, christmas songs, fairy tales, Christmas workshops and announced a Christmas competition. Two departments of our library also contributed to this project: the children’s literature department “Žalioji pelėda“(Green Owl) and the library “Židinys”. Librarians showed how to make a Christmas toy for a Christmas tree and festive home decor. You can see the Christmas workshop here:

Merry and safe Christmas!

Anžela Vasiliauskienė