On Thursday 14/11/2019. the 4th B class from Primary School Prelog hosted a quiz team from the Prelog City Library. The students played the quiz via online system called Kahoot, and the topics futured in the quiz were interesting facts about Croatia and Spain.

In a fierce life-and-death battle, where speed was also important, knowledge was best presented by the Elizabethan team, who took the win ahead of the JFLFL runners-up. Girl Power came in third place, with Attachments fourth. The contestants answered 65% of the questions correctly with five of the twenty questions categorized as difficult.

This quiz was conducted under the NAPLE Sister Libraries program in cooperation with the sister library Biblioteca Castropol Menéndez Pelayo from Castropol. The Croatian version of the quiz will be presented to children from the elementary school in Castropol, who will play a quiz made by Maja Lesinger from Knjižnica i čitaonica Grada Preloga, while the Spanish questions were made by Manuela Busto Fidalgo from the sister library.
All participants displayed enviable knowledge and enthusiasm.