In 2023, Municipal Library Tábor began its cooperation with Slovenian Ivan Tavčar Library in Škofja Loka. Škofja Loka is a partner city of Tábor and this year we had a nice visit from this city, the director of the library Matjaž Eržen and the director of the Folk University Nina Triller Albreht. The pleasant meeting led to an offer of cooperation with Ivan Tavčar Library in Škofja Loka within the Naple Sister Libraries project.

The first project that we have prepared with this library is now being presented to you. One of our common objectives is to familiarise ourselves with each other´s cultures and introduce them to our readers. In January, both libraries organised an exhibition of books by authors from the other country. Ivan Tavčar Library organised an exhibition of adult and children literature by Czech authors in most of its library units. Municipal Library Tábor has placed its exhibition in the adult library, so that readers can be inspired and read books by Slovenian authors, Slovenian history or travel guides about this beautiful country.

Text by Věra Samcová, photos by Eva Šturm