From El Molar Municipal Library «Blanca de Igual» we continue with our “Silk” Reading Club, this year with new additions. The Silk Reading Club was born in autumn 2014, the origin of the name of the reading club, we owe it to the first “booklet” that we all decided to read, We didn’t know him and he got our attention: Alessandro Baricco’s silk. So we decided on November 19 to call our SEDA club. Since then they have followed readings of the most varied subjects, we meet with a certain periodicity and we discuss the book read. And we talk, because to talk about books you learn by talking and listening.

The recipients are an adult audience and only women although it is not closed to anyone, it is curious to see how there are only women although we hope men are encouraged as well.

No budget is used, this activity is free and zero cost to the City Council, since it has the help of the Community of Madrid and its inter-library loan for the realization of this Club, since if it is not unattainable by this City Council buy 20 copies of the same title that once read can no longer be given out, so the Community of Madrid provides us with a list of books that you can lend us and the time we can have it on loan.

A WhatsApp group is used so that the Librarian-coordinator quickly contacts all the members of the Club to inform about meetings, the conclusions of each meeting as well as the recommendations of readings referred to them and also sent by email. The website and Facebook are also used to publicize. That meetings are open to all types of adult audiences, with events on Facebook and news on the City Council website.

As an objective, expand the readings of the members of the Club giving opportunities to books that in themselves would not attract attention and that it is worth reading them. Attendance at meetings does not usually drop ten people out of the twenty registered. The success of this activity is obvious, since, it was based on four people and today the possibility of making two reading clubs is being assessed by the increasing number of people who are cheering.