Today we report on an interesting conference held at City Library Don Mihovil Pavlinovic in December:

The consultation was opened by Ph.D. Darko Ujević, editor-in-chief and leader, who as a prominent scientist, founded this now famous consultancy in 2010. In his introductory part, he highlighted the contribution of numerous scientists and experts who, with their topics, improved the overall work of Naslijeđ and provided a roadmap for the development and greater recognition of the project. Proceedings are cited and visible in the CROSBI database by NSK. The collectors were also awarded international identification. A lot of effort has been put in to present Krivodol, Imotski, and therefore the Republic of Croatia, to the professional public in this scope as well. All consultations were organized by the Cultural and Artistic Association Ujević, in co-organization with the leading institutions of the Republic of Croatia, universities, colleges and other public institutions. This year’s collection even surpasses previous collections in terms of scope. It brings five new works related to the great Croatian writer, poet and translator Tino Ujević and other prominent topics.

The first lecture was given by Anđelko Gudelj-Velaga on the topic “Life and customs in the parish of St. Ane- Poljica Imotska through the church year”. In his unique style, this excellent connoisseur of historical and cultural events emphasized the comprehensive content of the parish and beyond, bringing extremely valuable information that is also a pledge for the future in further study, because the parish cultivates exceptional traditional, spiritual and religious customs.

The next lecture was presented by the prominent Croatian professor, scientist, writer and poet Prof. Ph.D.Sc. Miljenko Buljac on the topic “Croatian writer and poet Ivan Raos”. In his presentation, Prof. Buljac pointed out a number of valuable information about the writer. In the following, at the request of Ph.D. D. Ujević in his presentation referred to the nun, writer and poet Anka Petričević, about whom he also wrote an exceptional paper for this year’s Collection.

This was followed by lectures by Petar Ujević Perotićev, who presented on the topic of “Genealogy of Gornji Ujevići”. Specifically, with reference to the part of the hamlet called “Popovci”. Popovci because there were more priests and monks from that part of the tribe, highlighting in addition to Don Grgur Ujević, who built the famous and gracious chapel of St. Mihovil in Gornji Ujević. in his research opus, he discovered the first mention of Krivodol and a series of new substantive information.

The last lecture of the young scientist Toni Ćapeta was about the topic “Tin Ujević and tendencies in the study of ancient-historical cultures”. The content of the work is a completely new contribution to science because it brings Tin’s study of ancient Greece, Crete and the Mediterranean. At the end, Darko Ujević presented his work entitled “Contribution to the research of traditional crafts with reference to the Imotski Krajina”. Over the past three decades, the author has been studying the traditional skills of the Imotski Krajina region and beyond with a dozen colleagues. Namely, our region truly offers the bounty of research, as evidenced by the numerous participants from that era. It is precisely these that are presented again in a separate scientific-research publication by Dr. Ujević and associates. Under his mentorship, several final and diploma theses on the topic of “Traditional crafts in the area of Imotska Krajina” were prepared and successfully processed. The research results were presented at several scientific and professional meetings in the homeland and abroad

Text and photo by City Library Don Mihovil Pavlinovic