At the Ivan Tavčar Public Library in Škofja Loka, Slovenia, we had the pleasure of collaborating with our sister libraries in Lithuania (Panevežys District Municipal Public Library) and Finland (Pyhajoen Kirjasto Library) for an interesting Christmas activity: an International Recipe Exchange from three countries.

As part of the NAPLE SISTER LIBRARIES program, we handed invitation to visitors from our library and our two sister libraries to participate in festive exchange. The premise was simple: share and exchange recipes for dishes you most enjoy cooking and eating.

Individuals from each of the three countries eagerly submitted their cherished recipes. We then exchanged recipes and translated them into our languages, allowing everyone to understand them. From traditional family recipes to modern everyday meals, each recipe offered a glimpse into the culinary traditions of Slovenia, Lithuania, and Finland. Together, we have woven a network of interesting flavors, recipes from three countries, which we’ve publish in a booklet (see atached file). Furthermore, we’ve made exhibitions within libraries, where we presented the recipes and exhibit the recipe books.

We’ve compiled recipes together into a printed publication and also created e-version available in our Library’s webpage as a downloadable PDF. We also distributed printed version of recipes as a gift to our partners, municipality. When our director visits other libraries, he is also sharing this publications with them as a sign of our international exchange and opportunity to experience delitious cuisine from other countries.

Special thanks goes to all who responded to our invitation to collect recipes. We invite you to embark on a culinary journey through the pages of this collection and explore the tastes, aromas, and stories that our library visitors have shared with us. May these recipes inspire creation and enjoyment of good food in the company of books, which always connect us.

Happy cooking and dober tek – gero apetito – hyvää ruokahalua!

Neža Hribernik, Ivan Tavčar Public Library in Škofja Loka