In 2014 we published a post about a library in the program who was awarder Library of the Year in 2013 on Croatian Library Day. In this post we asked you to tell us about the Library Days in your countries, through the “Comments”. We got 9 replies to this request, so we decided to publish a post titled International Library Days. We got more comments on this post, informing about the dates of Library Day in countries outside Europe.

The post about International Library Days is the most visited one by large, only outnumbered by the Homepage. Having seen the popularity of it, we’ve decided to do something about it: we’ve created a new section in the blog under “What we do” called International Library Days, and we’ve thought about taking it one step further: it has ocurred to us that the public libraries in the program can use it to announce the activities they undertake for celebrating this year.

So, if you read this and want to make your contribution, you can inform us about the Library Day in your country (if it’s not on the list) and also the activities your library develop for celebrating it. You can do it through the “Comments” or writting to

Let’s see if, with all the contributions, we cover the whole world one day!