As the library is the community service, we haven’t been closed for a long period. There were few weeks of lock-down in spring. During the summer  as the circumstances allowed, we served our visitors as in time before the pandemy.

Now in the second wave of Covid ,  the situation is worse and libraries are figuring out how to safely serve their communities. To do our part in helping slow the spread of this virus, we have adjusted our rules. Our  library has started allowing the public back inside in a limited capacity with all safety
measures as wearing masks, disinfection and keeping distance.

As the events and gathering people were not allowed, we decided to have our meetings and events online. We are promoting  use of wide range of digital services including e-books, audio-books, digital magazines and newspapers.
A project named Family-Reading is for our youngest readers and their families. We prepared selected books with questions. Children, their parents, grandparents and siblings read to eachother, talk about stories they read nad finally, when they bring books back to the library, they are rewarded with small gift.

Kits named Take-Read-and-Make is for creative ones. Books accomplained with material for creating have purpose, that children  spend some quality time off screens. Our Tea-time reading is different this year. Instead of meeting, our participants received books via snail-mail and instead of shearing tea and cookies, they shared quotes and  kind messages via snail-

As access to the walls of our library’s gallery was not allowed, we moved our exhibition space online. I’m inviting you to join us and take a walk through our virtual gallery where exhibition of our local aquarel painters group is held:

Wish you a Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year,

Saša Ambrožič
Ivan Tavčar Škofja Loka Public Library, Slovenia