We are very happy to announce the incorporation of the second French library to the NAPLE Sister Libraries program.

The Médiathêque La Source de Harnes is an ambitious cultural project. The cultural setting meets the expectations of professionals but also the aspirations of the inhabitants.

Its main activities are for children and young adults, activities for seniors, activities in cooperation with other organizations, book presentations (also meeting with authors), conferences and seminars, culture promotion, exhibitions, gamification, Health Literacy (healthcare workshops…), library services for people with special needs, literacy, local culture (local heritage), music, reading clubs (Book clubs), reading promotion, Science Literacy, storytelling, Technology Literacy (Digital Literacy).

With this new incorporation, the programme reaches:

137 European public libraries participating!

Would you like to be the Médiathèque La Source de Harnes? Go ahead and read the instructions in the Libraries Section!