Back in December we announced that Greece had  just joined NAPLE Sister Libraries. Today we have the pleasure to welcome the first Greek library in the programme,  the Public Library of Samos!

The Public Library of Samos is located in the island of the same name  and it is its central library, with over 50,000 books.  Its users speak Greek, English, German, French, Danish, Albanian, Russian and Bulgarian. They are looking for a sister library in any of the NAPLE participating countries, but preferably in Finland,  Ireland, Belgium,  or Croatia. 

 You can find all the information about them and links to their multiple websites in the Libraries Section.  Also, by clicking in its name in this post you can see directly its application form. Would you like to be the Public Library of Samos’ sister library? Go ahead and read the instructions in the Libraries Section!

With this new incorporation we reach 76 European public libraries looking for sisters!

 Are you interested in joining us? Would you like to have a sister library in other European country? If you are not participating yet in the programme, go ahead and read the Call tag to see what this is all is about. You have 76 European Public Libraries looking forward to being your sisters!

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