Our colleage Jeanette Conceiçao from Aveiro Municipal Library send us information about The “XV Biennial os Ceramics” that will run until January 30th in ATLAS Aveiro – Biblioteca Municipal.

In partnership with the Manicómio project and artist Anabela Soares, the texts from de municipal schools in Aveiro, Estarreja, Águeda, Anadia, Albergaria-a-Velha, Murtosa, Ílhavo and Sever do Vouga were transformed into pieces of pottery. To allow the school community to play an active part in the Biennial, the project “the poetry of shape” combined the written word with pottery, allowing the words to also be moulded and expressed through the plasticity of clay.

The students explored the theme “Fears”, and the artista turned these into works. Manicómio is the first creative space and gallery of Asrte Bruta in Portugal. With no Schedule to follow, Manicómio offers freedom in artistc proctice and freedom to pursue individual purposes, linking art to mental health and humam rights