Sister Libraries is a program in which 87 libraries from 15 different countries in Europe participate. 13 of these are countries where English is not the first language

In this post we want to offer you some tools that can be useful to communicate better with your Sister Library. These are web translation tools that can help you if you have any doubts with words or expressions.

  • Google Translate: The tool Google has created for translations has recently improved its design and has become easier to use. It stands out for its efficiency, its ability to translate into a wide range of languages and its versatility.
  • Linguee is a multilingual search engine for translations from more reliable sources, i.e. international institutions such as the European Union, etc. Translations are not automatic but made by humans but you cannot translate blocks of text. Its value comes from the fact that gives the expression you want to translate a context.
  • Wordreference is a very agile website that offers dictionaries in several languages and, in some cases, dictionaries of synonyms and conjugation of verbs. This is complemented by the forums, where users can solve their doubts about the use of expressions. The community in these forums is very active.

We hope this post is useful for the communication with your Sister Library.