Public Library Ánxel Casal carried out to celebrate Rosalía’s Day, an important date in the Galician Book and Reading Calendar, which pays tribute to this outstanding figure of our literature. The library have carried out a storytelling and a series of virtual activities that are also easily replicable and adaptable to any other person.

The Public Library of Santiago Ánxel Casal celebrated Rosalía’s Day with the following activities:

Storytelling “Contadas na súa voz” a tribute to Rosalía de Castro by Lisístrata. The library celebrated Rosalía’s Day with a heartfelt tribute to the writer from Santiago de Compostela, a symbol of the Galician people. The library reviewed her work and biography, there was poetry, songs and wonderful stories. Saturday 25 February at 12.00h in the auditorium.

Rosalía in disarray. People who came to the library on 23 February will find texts by Rosalía de Castro on the stairs of the library with which we want to pay tribute to this singular figure of our poetry.

We would also like to encourage you to get to know our virtual activities around the figure of Rosalía de Castro:

Rosalía set to music
Rosalía Timeline
Rosalía’s spaces in Compostela
Escape room “The lost manuscript of Rosalía”

Author: Jesús Torres Junquera