We are pleased to present the project of the Municipal Public Library in Piekary Śląskie “My friend butterfly”. This project aims to show the life of these insects and their importance for humans.

We think it´s a very interesting project to share among all nature lovers, and to do with the children during these summer dates. Besides, it´s an opportunity to work creatively with educational content.

The project includes a number of activities that will allow you to get to know these fascinating insects better, such as :

  • The publication of a work card
  • The participation in a art competition entitled ” My friend butterfly” , using any artistic technique.
  • Summer photo contest on Instagram
  • Make eco-friendly bags with a butterfly motif.
  • Sow a flower meadow in the garden of the Central Library.

We share with everyone this information and materials that can inspire other libraries to carry out such actions.

A few games related to the project: