In addition to the usual monthly offer of reading promotion with activities such as “Bebecuentos”, Storytelling, Adult Reading Club, Children’s Reading Club. This Christmas we have programmed and carried out several activities in collaboration with the youth association Abierto Hasta el Amanecer, with the Universidad Popular, department of the Fundación Municipal de Cultura, Educación y Universidad Popular de Gijón, with the association Filonenos, Filosofía para niños y niñas. We have also held three sessions of Espacio Creativo Maker with two users who live in the neighbourhood.

  • Help Father Christmas Gymkhana together with Filonenos, Philosophy Centre for Children of the Principality of Asturias.

Help Father Christmas!
Christmas is coming and there are still lots of things to do. Do you want to be a helper for a day? Your mission is to awaken the Christmas spirit in the library.
Pass all the tests and win a surprise gift.
There will be a prize for everyone!
Activity for children from 7 to 12 years old.

  • Visit from the royal wallet Amerina, emissary of the Three Wise Men, who comes to the library to collect the letters that the children of the neighbourhood send to the Three Wise Men from the East. Activity carried out in collaboration with the Asociación Juvenil Abierto Hasta el Amanecer (Open Until Dawn Youth Association).

Once again this year we have received the visit of Princess Amerina, who has come accompanied by one of her pages to collect the letters that the children want to send to the Three Wise Men from the East. We leave you some photos of this afternoon so you can see how much fun we had and the cool things we did while we were waiting. Thank you very much Abierto Hasta el Amanecer for making it possible.

  • Creative Christmas Maker with Koli and Lidia

Live demonstration of the “scrap” technique with the making of Christmas gifts for the elderly users of the Day Centre of La Camocha. Today we didn’t win the lottery but we are happy because we went to visit our neighbours at La Camocha Day Centre for dependent elderly people with a lot of gifts made by Koli and Lidia, the best scrapperas in the world, made in the library. Thank you girls for your time and generosity, Merry Christmas!

  • Concert by the string quartet Arpeggio, commented by Javier Almuzara

A different way of approaching classical music

The Música Guiada cycle is a mixture of music and words to learn to love classical music. It aims to bring it closer to all audiences, to bring it closer geographically by offering the concerts in the city’s neighbourhoods, and also because they will have a narration that will allow those attending to enter this immense and exciting world.

From the most classic classics to the soundtracks of recent times, it will be possible to listen to and get to know several centuries of music without going far from home.