Heikki Lahnaoja, is the head librarian at Pyhäjoki Municipal Library. He came to Madrid last  6th October to give a presentation in the Meeting on Small and Medium Libraries that took place in the Regional Library of Madrid. He came with Antero Tervonen, from the education and culture department of Pyhäjoki city council, who also gave a presentation.

We’ve taken this opportunity to ask Heikki a few questions about this experience and also Sister Libraries, we hope you enjoy it!



How did you get to know the project Sister Libraries? 

I think I received e-mail about the matter.

What made you choose Chinchón library for the sistership?

 The Chinchón Library is roughly the same size as ours. They are both in rural towns of the same size. I thought the both libraries would gain something of this sistership.

 What benefits do you see in having a Sistership? And for your users?

Mostly we workers feel that we are not alone in this world! I think our users can feel the same: that somewhere is a small library like ours. There is a bond between us.

 Last 6th October you came to Madrid to participate in the Meeting Small and Medium Libraries, Can you tell us about this experience?

 It was really interesting to hear that the libraries in Spain are doing very inventive work at the moment. There also lots of similarities between Finnish and Spanish libraries. We both are doing booktalk, reading to dogs etc. But we also got some new ideas that we could develop here. Libraries in both countries are also struggling with the same kind of problems. 

Have you ever thought about having another sister library?

 Yes. But I think we get so much of this sisterhood right now that there is no need at the moment.

Lastly, what would you say to other libraries to make them become a Sister Library? Would you recommend the experience?

Go ahead! It widens the views!