From NAPLE Sister Libraries we want to help those libraries who are trying to help the refugees that are forced to flee their country. Izabela Koryś, from the National Library of Poland and member of NAPLE, has prepared this text with very useful information about what can be done in Public Libraries at the welcoming countries.

Please, share what you are doing in your library through our blog, it might be useful for others that can replicate your activities. You can send text and picture to


According to rough estimates by Monday 1 750 000 of Ukrainian war refugees have already come to Poland. As the war prolongs some of them may relocate to your countries since  such massive inflow is impossible to be managed and absorbed by border countries like Poland. 

Here are some hints what can be done and prepared in advance, apart from purchasing books in Ukrainian and providing refugees with CREDIBLE guidance and information on legal issues, local regulations, accommodation, employment, etc. 

“Centers for family connection& communication” – Ukrainian language uses non-Latin fonts which slightly differs from Russian ones – you may secure special keyboards with Ukrainian or Russian fonts together with headphones, webcams and software for on-line communication with family and friends 

“Rest zones” – apart from typical things like toys, books, sofas, tea, water, power plugs to charge their equipment etc. some innovative Polish libraries secured a small beds for infants – to let them take a nap when get tired playing in a library 

Movies with Ukrainian/Russian subtitles – movies on DVDs or blu ray probably  have Ukrainian or Russian subtitles – check it in advance so you’ll have something to watch in rest zones 

“Language lessons” – you may already look for volunteers for conversations and teaching. These conversations and lessons might be provided in hybrid form as well.  Over 6 000 of Polish teachers have already started to learn basic Ukrainian by Teams. 


here you’ll find a collection of 70 Ukrainian books for children in open access selected and provided by Ukrainian educational organization ‘Osvitoria’ – these books are lovely, some of them are bilingual (English-Ukrainian) what is useful for learning a foreign langue. 

This webpage is in Ukrainian, but Google translator will manage to translate it into your country languages.  

Links to Ukrainian publishers

“RANOK” (“morning”) (they have also adult books but in Ukrainian:

“An old lion” – another publisher with English webpage  and 27 free ebooks :

BARABOKA – – a collection of free children books provided by the publisher to comfort and cheer up children 

Digital Library of Ukrainian Literature  (and its channel for audio records:  

Free audiobooks in Ukrainian (for children) (provided by Storytel – Polish audiobook platform)  

Using “translate the page” option you may also look at following Polish webpage aggregating resorurces, ideas, best practices of Polish libraries  aimed to Ukrainian refugees – you’ll find much more inspiration there: