Several hundred libraries were fully destroyed or damaged because of Russian missile attacks in Ukraine.
To rebuild them it needs strong partnerships and ‘sisterships’ from the friendly libraries of Europe. That is why it is organized the Forum on 17 November 11.00-13.00 (Kyiv time) to present the situation of Ukrainian libraries and search for opportunities for cooperation.

Purpose of the Forum:

Establishing a new partnership among libraries and developing the culture of”sisterslibraries”.

Presentation of the problems faced by Ukrainian libraries because of the war.

The registration form is available here:

We invite to apply:

Librarians from libraries around the world who are interested in helping and partnering with Ukrainian libraries.

Librarians from Ukraine who have stable international partnership relations.

Librarians from Ukraine and foreign representatives of the library industry in search of sister libraries abroad and opportunities to develop partnerships.

Ukrainian librarians working/training at libraries abroad during martial law in Ukraine.

The event is being implemented by the Charitable Foundation “Library Country” in partnership with NGO “Ukrainian Library Association” in a frame of the project “Lib: continuation. The libraries are the heart of Ukrainian communities”.

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