The public library of Viana has prepared a new activity with Aleksandrow, our sister library: a drawing exhibition!

Last April, during confinement, both libraries prepared a virtual exhibition of drawings made by children from our public schools, from 3 to 6 years old, but until now we had not been able to do it physically. Here is the link of that activity to the library blog

But that has already been solved, and the exhibition in the library of Viana is ready! The exhibition will be opened until November 13, and all the children who participated in the activity, making their own drawings, are invited to come.

In a few weeks we will celebrate 7 years of sistership between Aleksandrow and Viana public libraries (in fact, next January), and it is a pride to say that we are both fully satisfied with our cooperation, that our users participate with great interest in our proposals and that we will do everything possible so this collaboration lasts as long as possible.

 Although we do not know each other personally, Justyna and I are already veteran collaborators: we know well the interests of our respective users, and we seek enriching activities for all, although we pay special attention to our younger boys. 

Thus, we are going to continue proposing two or three cooperative activities each year, as we have done so far, and the next one to be held will be in December, related to the most read books in our respective libraries.