Libray Planet is a project from 2 Danish librarians -Christian Lauersen of Roskilde Libraries and Marie Engberg Eiriksson, Library consultant and Student in Denmark- that aims to elaborate a travel guide for libraries all over the world.

it’s a crowdsourced project, so it’s fed by the contributions they receive. Everyone can email them a text and photos about a library they have been to. Then, they publish it on the page and put it on the library map. Here you can see how to contribute.

We love this project because it has some similarities with our own project, NAPLE Sister Libraries: its crowdsourced, so its success rests solely on the interest shown by –in our case- the libraries in the program in sharing their Best Practice and its will to cooperate at a European level; and it draws a map that somehow creates a link between the libraries, giving them visibility in an international context.

We encourage all libraries to contribute to this project with information about their libraries so you can be part of this community. You can do it yourself or, even better, ask one of your patrons or visitors to do it and share his or her experience of the library.

And of course, we encourage you to use it in your travels, we librarians love visiting other libraries in our holidays, don’t we? 🙂

Marie and Christian