EU Code week will start next Saturday, 7th October. This event aims to “make programming more visible, to show children, adults and the elderly how you bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn”.  Digital skills are very important nowadays and some public libraries are already offering programs in digital skills training.

In their web you can find plenty of resources (guides, toolkits, etc.) you can use if you want to start an activity of this kind in your library.

The Society of Chief Librarians has also some very good tips to get you started with coding in libraries.

Public Libraries 2020 have designed a toolkit for librarians so you can engage your users creating an event in your library. They have also 3 case studies you can check if you need insapiration: Belgium, Romania and Slovenia.

They’ve also created an interactive exhibition called “Generation Code: Born at the Library” at the European Parliament, “showcasing the top innovative digital exhibits from public libraries across the EU”.

If you’re a Sister Library and decide to organize an activity involving digital skills, alone or with your library, don´t forget to share it! You can send a mail to and we’ll publish it