Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Korčula Town, the City Library “Ivan Vidali” serves as a cultural haven for just over 5500 inhabitants. Boasting a diverse collection of books, from timeless classics to contemporary gems, the library caters to readers of all ages. With its engaging events, welcoming staff, and a tranquil reading ambiance, the City Library ” Ivan Vidali” is not just a repository of knowledge but a gathering place where the local community can come together and share their love for literature.

As the school year wraps up and summer begins, a new chapter starts for the young readers in our community – The Summer Reading Challenge. This program aims to inspire children to sustain their reading habits and frequent the library throughout the summer break.

The Summer Reading Challenge has become a cherished tradition at the City Library ” Ivan Vidali”, bringing together children of all ages to indulge in the magic of storytelling. This annual event not only encourages a love for reading but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among the young participants. Our library has been organising this type of activity since 2016 and each year we have seen an increase in interest among our youngest readers.

2023 Summer Reading Challenge

The 2023 Summer Reading Challenge started in June and lasted until the end of September. To make sure every child can participate, no matter their age group, our librarians curated two book lists with recommended titles; for Grades 1 to 4, and Grades 5 to 8. From tales of courageous pirates navigating the open seas to stories of curious detectives solving mysterious puzzles, the lists had something for every young explorer. To compile the book lists, our librarians consulted the List of good books for children, youth and parents curated by the Committee for Library Services for Children and Youth of the Croatian Library Association.

To enhance the reading experience, the library staff created the interactive website Kolibrići. Here, participants could discover more book recommendations, share their own reviews, and earn extra points by solving quizzes about the books they read during the challenge.

This year, a total of 38 kids, ranging from 6 to 14 years old, participated in the challenge, collectively reading over 840 books.

Reading Rewards

To keep the enthusiasm alive, the library introduced a reward system for avid readers. Children collect points for every book they read and receive prizes based on the number of points they’ve collected during the summer. The more they explore the vast world of literature, the more treasures they unlock. Children earned points for every book read, unlocking prizes based on their accumulated points throughout the summer. In November, an awards ceremony was organized in the library, where each participant received a prize corresponding to their points. This thoughtful recognition added a special touch to their reading achievements.

Importance of Summer Reading

Beyond the joy of reading, the Summer Reading Challenge plays a crucial role in combating the “summer slide,” a phenomenon where students experience a loss of academic skills during the extended break. By encouraging kids to read regularly during the summer, the library aims to keep their minds active and ready for the upcoming school year.

The Summer Reading Challenge at City Library “Ivan Vidali” is more than just a literary event; it’s a celebration of curiosity, imagination, and the joy of discovery. The 2023 Challenge successfully blended traditional and modern approaches, making reading an exciting and rewarding experience for children. The inclusivity, interactive elements, and the rewards system contributed to the program’s success, fostering a love for literature among young readers. Here’s to more successful reading challenges in the future!