A gigantic literary graffiti gives life and color to the façade of the Public Library in Purchena.
On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, this public library now shows off a grandiose mural with dozens of large-scale books with titles of authors, in gender equality, of diverse origins, races, and beliefs.
This collaborative work of urban art is also dedicated to integration, respect, equality and public libraries.

“The best Public Library in Purchena” -because it is the only one in this Andalusian small town- has wanted to celebrate its anniversary in style. And what better way than to use its façade as a blank canvas to represent two shelves loaded with giant books.

Through this graffiti, it is sought, without a doubt, to give a stupendous and striking visibility to the library in the municipality and to show in a graphic and simple way its usefulness and its main key object: books.

This wonder of literary graffiti has been made by the graffiti artist Nauni in collaboration with Danklabara Graffiti.

It should be noted that the titles represented on the mural were selected in a series of workshops prior to the graffiti and in which the youth reading clubs from the library, youth correspondents from the Youth Information Center, students from Institute Entresierras of Purchena and young people from the three centers for minors located in the town.

The graffiti is having a great reception both by residents and users as well as by the many visitors who are visiting this literary and librarian graffiti from the Purchena public library.

Among the titles of the books present in this literary graffiti are «Nothing», by Carmen Laforet, «Don Quixote de la Mancha», by Miguel de Cervantes, «Blood Wedding», by Federico García Lorca, «House of the Spirits”, by Isabel Allende, “Essay on Blindness”, by José Saramago, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, by J.K. Rowling, “Lands of Blood” by the Greek Dido Sotiriou, Sahara Diaries by the Chinese writer Sanmao or “Naked Bread” by Moroccan Mohammed Chukri.