We are very happy to announce the incorporation of another Spanish library to the NAPLE Sister Libraries program.

The Tierra Estella mobile library is the only service of its kind currently existing in the region of Navarra (Spain). It´s an autonomous library, which does not depend on any physical headquarters for its operation.

It makes 7 biweekly routes through the region of Tierra Estella, with almost 1900 km per month, and the mobile library serves a population of more than 7000 people. In these 7 routes it visits 5 rural schools and 43 villages of between 40 and 1300 inhabitants, none of which has its own public library.

The Tierra Estella mobile library offers activities for children and young adults, activities for seniors, and Library services for people with special needs.

If you want to know more about them, and what they are looking for just go to the Libraries Section and click on its name. You’ll find it under Spain tab. You’ll also find there a detailed description of their activities and the specific project they want to develop in the Sister Libraries Program.

With this new incorporation, the programme reaches:

139 European public libraries participating!

Would you like to be The Tierra Estella mobile library sister library? Go ahead and read the instructions in the Libraries Section!