On the evening of June 10, the Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė Public Library joined the summer Panevėžys city project “Let’s meet on Friday”. On a rainy summer Friday, the librarians invited the residents of Panevėžys to celebrate the World Wide Knit in Public Day for the fourth time, to visit the mobile library, where the bookshelf “Have a good journey!” was waiting for everyone. Children and adults could play the game “Tic-tac-toe”.

World Wide Knit in Public Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of June. Its purpose is to communicate, share a favorite way of spending free time with everyone, to remember and protect traditions and customs. This day has been celebrated in Lithuania since 2014. This year, we invited knitting fans to celebrate this date one day earlier – on Friday. The unexpected rain that fell in the evening did not scare the knitting enthusiasts. In Panevėžys city Laisvė Square, the members of the handicraft amateur club „Laumė“ of the Šiaurinė Library (one of the branches of Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė public library), knitters of another club, the owner and knitter of the knitting yarn and accessories store, the creator of knitwear and accessories, Students of the Panevėžys Faculty of the Third Age University and others. Gathered as friends, enthusiasts knitted, communicated, shared the subtleties of knitting techniques, and creative ideas, and invited passers-by to join. More than one participant of the summer project “Let’s meet on Friday” stopped to look around at the wonderful knitwear. On this occasion, handicraft lovers showed their works: toys, gloves, scarves, hats, sweaters, socks, dresses, etc.

On the next  Friday  the library staff invited the citizens and guests of the city to make a magic natural brush and showed them how to draw a beautiful picture themselves. Children and adults will enjoy the literary game “Guess the book character”, making bookmarks decorated with summer herbs, educational activity “Surprise box“ etc.

The Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė Public Library is always happy to meet and communicate with the city’s residents.

Text by librarian Anžela Vasiliauskienė

Photos by Miglė Nasevičienė, Vaida Žalienė, Lina Kučinskienė