We would like to share with you the activities organised by one of our Spanish libraries the Ribadavia Municipal Public Library for this Christmas season:

  • Exhibition and bibliographic display “A book, the best Christmas present”. This is an exhibition whose aim is not only to attract children to the library, but also to make parents and children aware of how important it is to include in Christmas presents not only toys, but also that a book can be the best Christmas present. It accompanies the bibliographic exhibition with an exhibition first of Christmas books to make them known. After, the library will be exchanging them for books recently added to the library’s bibliographic collection, to show them gift options for children according to their ages.
  • Christmas card competition. Every year the Ribadavia Municipal Public Library holds a Christmas card competition. It establishes 4 prizes by educational levels, Infant, Primary and Secondary Education, plus a category: the family category, because in this way it also contributes to parents and children spending an educational time making a Christmas card together.
  • The show “Os Bolechas. Un Nadal máxico”. The characters from the book series “Os Bolechas” by Pepe Carreiro bring the magic of Christmas through the tricks of the magician Danubio.
  • Caritas Collaboration. The idea is to carry out a food collection in the library for the most needy in collaboration with Caritas, who will be responsible for distributing the food collected. Each person who comes to the library with 3 food items will be given a book, mainly novels. It is a way to contribute in these days, more complicated for people with bad economic situation. Let’s see how it works. It will send a photo and will have to prepare a decorated box to collect things, posters and things like that.

Text and photos by Teresa Rivela Martínez