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Country: Lithuania

Contact: Kristina Jaskūnienė. Email:

Description: The library has become interactive, maintaining the classic goal of remaining a book sanctuary. Today, readers can enjoy modern reading rooms, equipped with a space for children and youth, and many technical and other innovations. By opening the doors of the renewed library, the reader can spend a meaningful and interesting day here. Jonava Public Library is one of the community information, culture and leisure centers. Its main activities are to encourage people of all ages and social groups to read more, to improve reading skills, and to raise the prestige of reading. For this purpose, projects are organized, we participate in various actions, competitions, organize various events: audio readings, theatrical book presentations, literary afternoons, meetings, printed and virtual exhibitions, educational and other activities. The Book Terrace in the library yard is open 24 hours a day, where you can read books, the regional press, browse the Internet, communicate or otherwise spend your free time.

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Type of library: Library service with branch libraries

Population served: Between 10.000 and 100.000

Current library programs:
  • Activities for children and young adults
  • Activities for seniors
  • Activities in cooperation with other organizations
  • Art promotion
  • Book presentations (also meeting with authors)
  • Celebration of ephemeris (Day of the library
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Culture promotion
  • Digitalization and Preservation
  • Exhibitions
  • Gamification
  • Handcraft workshops
  • Health Literacy (healthcare workshops…)
  • Language courses (and other activities for language learning)
  • Library services for people with special needs
  • Lifelong Learning programs
  • Literacy
  • Literary workshops
  • Local culture (local heritage)
  • Music
  • Reading promotion
  • Science Literacy
  • Storytelling
  • Sustainable development
  • Technology Literacy (Digital Literacy)
Activities you want to do with your sister library:
  • Activities for children and young adults
  • Activities for seniors
  • Cooperation with other organizations
  • Exchange of ideas and expertise
  • Exchange of information
  • Exchange of resources
  • Exhibitions
  • Joint conferences and seminars
  • Joint publications
  • Lifelong Learning programs
  • Literacies (non-formal education)
  • Professional visits
  • Promotion of local culture
  • Reading promotion
  • Social media
  • Staff interchange
  • Staff training
  • Storytelling

Languages spoken by staff: Lithuanian, English, Russian

Languages spoken by patrons: Lithuanian, English, Russian

Preferred countries for cooperation: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Iceland and other European countries.

Searching partners for European program: Yes

Participating in any European Union program: Yes