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Number of sistership established: 1

Country: Czech Republic

Description: Frenstat pod Radhostem is a turistic town, situated in the Moravian and Silesian Beskyd Mountains. Municipal library is located near the center of the town. We are serving a population of 11 000 residents. From 2016, library has been resided in the renovated building, which we share with the Community centre. Our library has 5 employees (4+director). We have about 60 000 books and about 2 000 readers. We provide a professional consulting to 4 small libraries in surrounding. We offer books, periods, audiobooks, e-books, e-book reader, tablet, games, themetic suitcases, electronical pens and eyeglasses for reading. We provide free Internet access for everyone. We also have automat for self-service returne of books outside the opening hours. We offer varied cultural and educational programmes. We also cooperate with volunteers. In the centre of town and near the train station we built two littlelibraries, which are free for sharing books to everyone. We celebrating „March – month of the readers“ and „The week of the libraries“ in October.

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Type of library: Metropolitan

Population served: Between 10.000 and 100.000

Current library programs:
  • Activities for children and young adults
  • Activities for seniors
  • Art promotion
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Reading promotion
Activities you want to do with your sister library:
  • Exchange of ideas and expertise
  • Exchange of resources
  • Staff training

Languages spoken by staff: Czech, English

Languages spoken by patrons: Czech, English

Preferred countries for cooperation: Ireland, scotland

Searching partners for European program: No

Participating in any European Union program: No