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Number of sistership established: 1

Country: Slovenia

Description: The view from the right bank of the River Drava reveals the impressive location of Slovenia's oldest town, its dominant position in the Pannonian lands, and the unique role it has played for over 2.000 years. Ptuj's heritage of buildings and town planning as the building where library of Ivan Potrč is today is not just marked by antiquity but also bears the strong stamp of the medieval. Library's origins go back to 1948, with the founding of the Ptuj Research Library. In 1958 this was mered with the public library. In 2000 the whole sections of a library merged into one place called Small Castle which lays directly under the city's main castle. The largest section of the library and its centrepiece is the research section, which houses 131.000 books in Slovene; there are 13.000 units of books and non-book material in foreign languages. The library got name after a local writer Ivan Potrč (1913-1993). The main library space is located in the former great castle hall. Schoolchildren have their own precious corner equipped with cabinets containing all current school reading material. Visitors have access to three reading rooms. On the ground floor is an internet chatroom, and on the first floor is a modern reading room with over 200 periodical and newspaper titles, a specialist reference library and ten computers with internet and also wireless access and in the second floor is also a another quiet reading room. From the castle (library's) courtyard is the entrance to exhibition hall. The place is used for presentations of literature and art, gatherings involving well-known residents of Ptuj, talks by world travellers, lectures on personal growth and other events in which the emphasis is on the presentation of high-quality guests. In contrast to other large libraries, Ptuj does not have branch libraries in smaller surrounding town, but it does have a mobile library, which carries on average 5.000 units of library material and makes regular stops at 50 points throughout municipalities of sorrounding areas. On the mobile library there are also storytellings for the youngest children going on. Library has also a local studies section which purpose is to collect, process, store and present material of importance to the local area. One should mention here three incunabula, two copies of Dalmatin's Bible from 1584, Valvasor's Slava vojvodine Kranjske from 1689, an italian edition of Žiga Herbestein's Moskovski zapiski from 1550 and so on. Library's total floor space is 2.893 square meters; population served by the library: 69.508; number of library items: 300.000; visits per year: 137.000; number of emplyees: 32. Pictures can be found at:

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Type of library: Metropolitan

Population served: Between 10.000 and 100.000

Current library programs:
  • Activities for children and young adults
  • Activities in cooperation with other organizations
  • Art promotion
  • Book presentations (also meeting with authors)
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Gamification
  • Storytelling
  • No information
Activities you want to do with your sister library:
  • Exchange of ideas and expertise
  • Exchange of information
  • Exchange of resources

Languages spoken by staff: English, German, Croatian, Serbian

Languages spoken by patrons: English, German, Croatian, Serbian

Preferred countries for cooperation: No preferences

Searching partners for European program: Yes

Participating in any European Union program: No

Searching partners for European program: Yes

Participating in any European Union program: No